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Connect Theory + Execution with our Global Planning Process

As marketing and the customer experience move increasingly digital, it’s easy to think in terms of metrics instead of people. Our Global Planning Process puts the focus back on people, using your audience as the link between brand strategy and media execution. It’s a measurable way to connect brand to consumer that drives bottom-line results.

The Challenge

Given the increasingly fractured nature of the customer journey, with multiple touchpoints needed to gain trust and convert a consumer, it’s more important than ever to ensure audiences receive relevant, consistent and engaging experiences across all parts of their journey.

Our Global Planning Process creates a seamless customer journey based in data and centered around the consumer. The result is connected planning, creative, and media strategies that translate strategy into execution and insights into real customers and audiences.

Our Approach

Our Global Planning Process helps brands find key changes within their marketing strategies and business methods to fuel future performance and growth – starting with data. The Find | Change | Grow approach bridges the gap between performance and brand marketing, fluidly identifying real-time opportunities:


In the Find Phase, we use market opportunities and threats to identify your brand, product and audience whitespace. Using proprietary research, your customer data and third-party tools, we analyze how customers interact with both you and your competitors in order to diagram their path to purchase.

Insights in this phase include competitive analysis, trend analysis, what influences consumer/brand/product preferences and how the competitive set spends in-market. We use these insights to inform localization, creative, customer journey management and messaging.


In the Change Phase, we build common core customer personas and turn those into actionable audiences. Data-based customer analysis is aligned to creative and execution priorities so we can directly target in-market customers and deliver highly relevant messaging and creative.

For global initiatives, we localize that common core customer so that brand values, media and marketing objectives are met and optimized. Based on regional platform preferences, buying channels and distribution mechanisms, and in adherence to privacy regulations, we localize our creative and execution to be sure the brand message is clear, wherever it is received.

This process allows our teams to implement target-offer-creative at the segmented audience level with tailored creative and messaging.


Leveraging and aligning the learnings and outputs from the Find and Change Phases, our teams develop a connected, cross-channel, customer centric marketing plan based on your audience and products. As part of our plan, we define business goals and KPIs in a growth / test plan and then track performance and reporting as we continually optimize across evergreen and moment-in-time initiatives.

The Results?

Expanding to New and Complex Markets: Uber Eats

With little to no market share in South Korea, Uber Eats appointed ForwardPMX to help them launch and penetrate the food delivery market in the region. With local knowledge that is second to none, a strategic consumer planning process and granular optimization targeting individual districts, restaurant type and audience type, ForwardPMX helped Uber Eats create new market opportunities through local platform, Naver, in an already saturated market. The team began a top-down audience first marketing strategy, which ensured we made every marketing dollar count to drive maximum returns. We were able to use geo-targeting in a systematic strategy to deliver different content to consumers based on their geographic locations. This, coupled with targeting higher tier restaurants, allowed for a network effect to take hold and produce significant results early on.

488% increase in Search Volume for UberEats brand terms

600% increase in App Downloads compared to other in-house marketing channels Read more about ForwardPMX’s successful work for Uber Eats here.

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