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BOUTIQUE AT SCALE: Applying Global Reach + a Consultative Touch to Market Research

When tackling global problems, it’s easy to isolate size as the solution. We’re here to challenge that assumption, combining international scale with the consultative relationship of a boutique to deliver a new kind of market research.

With unparalleled industry and execution experience, localization expertise, and the consultative touch of a boutique, NRG’s global survey platform provides insightful market research to bold storytellers everywhere. 

With a footprint in three of today’s top markets – US, UK, and Singapore – and 10,000+ projects in over 35+ markets, the Global Survey Platform provides informed, nuanced thinking around brands biggest problems. From messaging strategies and positioning architecture to content insights, we design, structure, and localize surveys to answer clients’ biggest business questions across the lifecycle of a project.

Our Approach

The Global Survey Platform is led by a team of experts living and working around the world who have conducted global research for over a decade – 2+ decades in some cases. With an established network of on-the-ground partners that provide local quantitative and qualitative research expertise, they localize NRG’s proprietary methodology, taking into account the unique needs of both the brand and the location. Trusted local moderators and translators work with NRG’s sister agency Locaria to be sure questions will resonate with local audiences and to interpret the results into meaningful insights for global strategists.  

The result?

Every survey ends with custom reporting that brings the data to life and provides clear recommendations and next steps for putting the findings into action. It also provides access to nuanced data at the local level, so your experts can dig into the details and compare outcomes over time.

This deep bench of translation and localization expertise makes a meaningful difference in designing and executing market intelligence research, providing quick, custom insights on a global scale.

Industry Knowledge +
Localization Expertise +
Cultural Validators =
Research You Can Use

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