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The Future of Trust is Local

As seasoned communicators with decades experience, we believe the future of trust is local and the future of communication is personal

We build local communication programs to activate people, process and profits. We know one of the most effective ways to expand clients’ reach with the right messages is through hyperlocal activations.

The Opportunity

Time and time again, Americans turn to local sources for information and buying decisions. A recent survey by Harris Poll found that among American adults, 81% said they trust information from local businesses and small business owners, and 75% said they trust local news. Besides “friends and family,” these local sources were the top-trusted information sources in communities across America. 

What We Deliver

We have built a network of bi-partisan and non-partisan communications and marketing strategies in every media market across the country who understand the value of local storytelling and community engagement. Our team provides clients hyperlocal activations that deliver measurable results for long-term benefit, including:

  • A national network of hyperlocal teams to recruit local stakeholders, influencers or customers to help companies better connect locally
  • Access into every newsroom across America, driving local stories to connect with target audiences and generate awareness
  • Digital first, performance-based creative that can be localized to each zipcode and optimized for local engagement 

We know every market is unique, and our tactics must be tailored accordingly. The local strategy and intelligence we provide not only delivers real results, but provides a deeper understanding of the media, political and competitive environment in any market across America. Built to meet the needs of each unique client the playbook may include: 

  • A steady drumbeat of local earned media stories, allowing a brand or a company to better connect with the community
  • Local partners and advocates to share localized information on social media
  • A launch plan for a national product that prioritizes local connection and relevance     

The Results

In 9 months, we executed a hyperlocal campaign for Facebook where we were active in 22 states.  Driven by our local teams on the ground, we secured 4,000 positive print, radio, and television placements highlighting how Facebook brings together local communities through tools for small businesses, groups, and nonprofits.

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