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Transformation Summit coming July 30

Join us on July 30th to pull up on what we’ve learned after 10 Back to the Future webinars. We’ll be teasing out two major themes that we’ve discussed:

The acceleration of digital transformation

The evolution of CSR

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The Agenda

1:05pm: Where we Are Now

A review of the latest Harris PollHarris Poll data, collected from the field just days before. Cultural Anthropologist Tawny Saez will walk us through the latest trends, sentiments and themes among the American public, as well as who’s up and who’s down in corporate America.

1:25pm: Full Steam Ahead

As the world moved online, the value of a strong digital presence and ability to create an experience and connection through a screen became the primary currency of corporate America. Businesses that have embrace the accelerated digital transition are leaps ahead of the pack, and the gap will only grow as time goes on. We’re pulling together leaders from across sectors to look at what that transition meant for them, the unexpected opportunities it created, and the hurdles that undoubtedly cropped up as well.

2:05pm: Building a Digital Future: A conversation between ForwardPMX and Ace Hardware

The onset of COVID-triggered shutdowns left businesses re-evaluating their purpose, their value and the audiences and connection points they had always taken for granted. For Ace Hardware, it was a particularly compelling moment in time. Deemed an essential business, and with consumer demand for home-based projects, cleaning supplies, masks and other home maintenance essentials at an all-time high, quarantine presented an opportunity to reach new customers. But, this time did not come without challenges to face, including the rise of all-service sites like Amazon and the growing curbside capacity of competitors. Join ForwardPMX and their client Mark Lowe, Director of Ace Hardware Corporation’s Digital Center of Excellence, to break down the innovative approach they took to building audience and market share in the midst of a pandemic, and the game-changing elements they look forward to applying in the future.

2:25pm: Purpose and the New CSR: How 2020 has Changed Consumers’ Expectations for Corporations

In the pressure cooker of 2020, the role of brands and corporations has become ever more clear. As they have stepped in to provide for employees, customers, and communities, and to articulate values around racial and economic inequality, the public’s expectations around this engagement has changed- what used to be applauded is now expected. We are gathering together a panel of voices who have been involved in early brand activism to learn about how they integrate this activity with their brand’s overall purpose and voice, how they ensure authenticity and brand alignment across initiatives, and how the last five months and the changing dynamics around brand activism have impacted the way brands are approaching CSR.