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Latest webinar highlights the power of Gen Z

The transition to online life – work, school, and social – highlighted generational differences in technology use and consumption in a way that we hadn’t seen before. From tik tok to virtual classrooms and the concept of virality itself, quarantine has exemplified the adaptability and agility of Gen Z in a practical light, and has also proven the need for companies to adapt with them if they hope to win their dollars. Join our panelists to discuss youth culture and consumption- where they “live” online, what they expect from brands and communications, and how to remain authentic when speaking to an audience whose radars are finely tuned to the internet bandwidth.

The Panel:

  • Anas Ghazi, Chief Strategy Officer, The Stagwell Group
  • Ziad Ahmed, Co-Founder and CEO, JUV Consulting
  • Julia Berk, Global Consumer Insights Lead, Snap
  • Fotoulla Damaskos, SVP of Brand Strategy and Innovation, NRG

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