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In a globally connected world, creating multilingual content that is authentic and resonates with every customer requires more than a simple translation of your copy. Brands with global ambition demand an updated, strategic localization approach that engages audiences in their preferred language and across multiple channels.

Combining data and language expertise, Locaria’s strategic localization roadmaps put ROI as the North Star and build localization into campaigns from the beginning, establishing a process that drives performance with ongoing feedback and iteration.

The Difference:

A content analyst, not a translator, builds your roadmap from start to finish, meaning that the team responsible for localization and transcreation also understands performance marketing KPIs, data analysis, and optimization – in short, they fully understand your content ambitions. Insight meets creativity to execute the linguistic needs while also assessing data, optimizing digital content, and keeping in mind overall brand objectives – a unique combination in the language industry to date.

End-to-End is Essential:

Even the best written English copy can be contorted and misconstrued when it’s directly translated, especially if the language services provider doesn’t understand overall campaign strategy. And when you’re working across multiple channels and platforms, with restricted character counts that demand brevity and punch, this is particularly harmful.

With expert data, we prove the value of language and create multilingual content with authority. Locaria’s strategic localization roadmaps ensure that campaigns are built to balance marketing performance and brand perception from the start, while leveraging language as a tool to engage audiences and build consumer trust.

The upside?

A recent campaign that leveraged a strategic localization roadmap in conjunction with market scoping testing uncovered additional opportunities which resulted in a 110% increase in relevant customer traffic in less than 3 months.

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