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Finding Meaningful Value in Microconversions

So often, marketing strategies are bound by what we can – or cannot- measure, leaving untapped opportunities on the table. Our Microconversion Mapping isolates every activity, from brand awareness through purchase, to map and optimize each unique path to purchase.

By creating tracking strategies up and down the funnel, our process ties together brand and performance marketing to create an integrated ecosystem that allows brands to lean into channels of opportunity and better serve customers at every stage.

The Opportunity

Measurement is the Achilles heel of marketers- growth strategy is now limited by what is measured, and most commonly, that measurement is confined to the bottom of the marketing funnel. That leaves untapped opportunity earlier in the customer journey, where actions are more nuanced and often overlooked.

We believe in capturing the valuable data that lives in between – not just at the final stages. We call these in-between steps microconversions, and they are the connective tissue between performance and brand – they allow us to identify which activity signals intent to purchase and implies a deeper action later on.

What We Deliver

By focusing on a critical action, our Microconversion Mapping efficiently moves users from various stages of awareness and consideration down the funnel. It doesn’t discount upper funnel investments, instead using those to highlight and differentiate customers based on their patterns of intention and engagement. Our intelligent segmentation leverages (but isn’t overpowered by) machine learning, using current behavior to indicate deeper and more valuable actions later on.

How do we do it? We aggregate all available data from both online and offline sources, matching each individual data point against the outcome. We then weight those interactions based on their overall proximity and correlation to the desired action and use that knowledge to optimize marketing and advertising activities to identify and funnel users towards those high value microconversions.

By focusing on the behaviors that drive meaningful actions, our mapping develops smarter, more targeted audiences and creates cross-channel plans that accelerate intermediate and impactful action along the way. In short, we map the journey, not the destination – and the result is a faster, smoother trip from end to end.

The Results

For one advertiser, a shift of the display programs bid strategies to incorporate our Microconversion Mapping drove a 173% increase in sales accompanied by a 40% reduction in cost per acquisition year over year. In addition, they saw a 189% increase in calls and 330% more qualified leads, leading to a healthier overall pipeline.

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