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PR isn’t a Guessing Game

Land more media placements and mitigate emerging issues using PRophet, the first-ever AI-driven software platform for the PR community to help predict media interest, sentiment and spread before a story is pitched.

What is PRophet?

PRophet is the first-ever AI-driven SaaS platform designed by and for the PR community. It helps predict media interest, sentiment and spread before a story is pitched, sampling millions of stories spanning thousands of outlets using a combination of natural language processing and machine learning. The outcome? Insights that help perfect your pitch and maximize results.

Why does the PR world need PRophet?

Before PRophet, knowing if a reporter would write a story remained a guessing game based on professional experience, labor-intensive research and instinct, with no performance-based data to support or guide a pitch. Currently, “media intelligence tools” are not performative or predictive, only focused on which media to target based on dated or rudimentary information. Until now, PR was one of the only areas in the marketing world that wasn’t rooted in data and performance metrics.

PRophet will revolutionize how PR professionals interact with journalists … It’s like Waze for PR people”

Aaron Kwittken, Founder and CEO, PRophet

PRophet brings new value to every layer in the public relations ecosystem: from generating greater intelligence for internal strategy, to working in tandem with traditional media databases like Muck Rack and Cision to increase efficiency, to creating more relevant and successful pitches and therefore better relationships between PR professionals and journalists.

How Does it Work?

PRophet’s proprietary technology combines machine learning, AI and natural language processing to help brands and organizations perfect and refine earned media strategies before going to market with a pitch. In the same way supercomputers and doppler radar helps meteorologists forecast the weather, PRophet forecasts the likelihood of a pitch converting into an actual story, backstopping experience and instinct with actual data that allows users to refine the pitch to optimize results before ever entering the room.

To start the process, a user uploads a pitch or press release to PRophet. PRophet’s proprietary technology samples the pitch against millions of stories spanning thousands of print media outlets by deploying a proprietary combination of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technologies.

These scenarios help guide the user in developing the most “mediable,” performative and defendable strategy to ensure coverage, or in the case of a known/emerging issue, PRophet will suggest language that mitigates potential media interest.

Who is it for?

COMPASS is extremely versatile, and is valuable across industries and business lifecycles.

If you have teams in your business who care about how messaging will be percieved, you have a use for PRophet.

Besides pitch testing for PR purposes, PRophet can be used for:

Investor Relations: gauge investor interest and receptivity around major announcements and earnings

Marketing: test the resonance of upcoming campaigns against a target set of media influencers

Product Development: stress-test new lines of products or services within a discreet set of trend setters

Crisis Comms: optimize responses by testing different frames of the issue

Legal & Compliance: integrate anticipated media responses into scenario planning for potential legal and regulatory threats

The possibilities are endless.

A Subscription Service

PRophet operates on an annual subscription model. We don’t believe in seat licenses. Please contact us if you would like to discuss pricing packages for your organization.

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