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Stagwell Announces Fall Programming Lineup

Heading into an unprecedented fall season, the Stagwell Group announces fall lineup, aimed at connecting leaders across the marketing industry for transformational discussions about what is happening across the business ecosystem.

Stagwell will continue the Back to the Future webinar series, host a series of webinars, roundtables, and written analysis, creating space for industry leaders to connect and discuss the greatest opportunities created by the transformational moment we are living in, and hear from cutting-edge teams that are taking advantage of the moment. Industry leaders, brand-side practitioners, and agency minds will weigh in on everything from rediscovering the power of technology as a global connector to evaluating the long-term impact of the drive to digital, and we invite you to join the conversation.


Monthly Webinars: Oct. 1, Oct. 15, Nov. 12, Dec. 10 (sign up here)
Monthly Roundtables: Sept. 24, Oct. 22, Nov. 19 (email for details)

What we’re discussing:

September: Digital as the Global Connector

October: Resilient Communications & Authentic Brand Building

November: The Business Imperative for Digital Transformation

December: The Digital Elite: Who’s Up, Who’s Down After a Year of Transformation

Check back here for more information on speakers, guests, and special content