A Tool for Change

Our View on the Transformation of Communications and Brand Building

This October, we are focusing on the power of communications and its ability to recraft the narrative and make lasting change. From the role of communications on the social justice movement to comms as a tool for reputation management and brand building, we will be exploring every facet of the discipline.

Virtual Panel

This month, we were joined by a group of communications leaders across industries to discuss how they are working to move beyond the typical buzzwords of corporate speak to make sustainable and impactful change. We broke down what it really means when brands use words like sustainability, inclusivity, equity and anti-racism, how marketing and communications can be used as a tool to maintain momentum around commitments and conversations, and the new words to action paradigm in corporate America.


  • Liz Bradley, Strategic Communications Director, AARP
  • Kim Cordova, President, UFCW
  • Aaron Kwittken, Co-Founder and CEO, KWT Global
  • Rae Robinson Trotman, SVP of Public Affairs, SKDK
  • Anas Ghazi, Chief Strategy Officer, The Stagwell Group (moderator)

Date: October 15
Time: 12:30pm ET
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Roundtable Conversation

Join us for an exclusive networking and best practices conversation centered around challenges and advances in hyperlocal marketing. This fully-interactive, Chatham House Rules conversation will begin with a review of exclusive data on consumer perceptions of local sources, and will then dig into the tactics and best practice for brands looking to break through and build trust.

Date: October 30
Time: 1pm ET
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Our Products

COMPASS is our always-on, always-tracking market intelligence and brand tracking platform – so you’ll know the impact of your actions in real time.
PRophet is the first-ever AI-driven SaaS platform for PR professionals, helping to predict media interest, sentiment and spread before a story is pitched.
Our Hyperlocal Activations provide local communication programs to activate people, process and profits.

Our Work

SKDK‘s work solidified the Rockefeller Foundation as a urban resilience field-builder and thought leader
Stagwell helped Gillette take a data-driven approach to understanding + communicating with its customer
The Harris Poll Reputation Quotient assesses ranks brands across a series of insightful metrics
SKDK managed the strategic comms around the high-profile merger of US Airways and American Airlines

Since March of 2020, The Harris Poll has provided weekly polling on consumer sentiment, so brands can effective serve consumers’ needs
By recrafting WWF’s messaging and design, Finn Partners increased online donations by 54% in 6 months

Our Take

How to effectively communicate in A State of Constant Crisis
#RepresentationMatters: How Content and Communications Shape Culture

Blandshave a new playbook for purpose, aesthetic, and communications. Some may laugh, but it’s working.
How Research Simplifies the Complex:
COVID has complicated life in a million ways, but it’s also simplified it. We explore how marketers are navigating moment with a data-driven communications.
Brands, Influencers and the Ad Industry’s Values Reckoning: How to safeguard reputation in a fast moving world
Comms Do’s and Don’ts in the Age of COVID: A perspective from financial services PR experts at Sloane & Co.

Our Featured Communications Experts

Ray Day
Vice Chair, The Stagwell Group
Host, Small Stories, Big Impact
John Gerzema
CEO, The Harris Poll
Anas Ghazi
Chief Strategy Officer, The Stagwell Group
Host, Beyond the Buzzwords
Aaron Kwittken
Global Chairman & CEO
KWT Global
Panelist, Beyond the Buzzwords
Connie Partoyan
President, Targeted Victory
Host, Small Stories, Big Impact
Derrick Plummer

Rae Robinson Trotman
SVP, Public Affairs, SKDK
Panelist, Beyond the Buzzwords
Helen Shelton
Senior Partner, Finn Partners
Six Minutes with Stagwell
Alexis Williams
EVP, Marketing, The Stagwell Group
Host, Reputation & Shifting Industry Perspectives