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Transformation Summit discusses digital transformation, CSR

As we pull up on the end of July, The Stagwell Group is stepping back to consider what we’ve learned – and where we go from here.

We’ll be discussing the two major themes from 2020 we’ve observed so far:

  • the acceleration of digital transformation
  • the evolution of CSR

We’ll be joined by leaders from across industries + disciplines to unpack these trends and think about their impact on the months to come.

4:4528:09 : WHERE WE ARE NOW A review of our latest weekly poll with Tawny Saez, Cultural Anthropologist at The Harris Poll

28:10 – 1:11:16: FULL STEAM AHEAD Businesses that have embrace the accelerated digital transition

1:11:27 – 1:25:55: AGENCY SPOTLIGHT: FORWARDPMX A client-agency deep dive into some of their latest work

1:26:15 – 2:02:28: PURPOSE AND THE NEW CSR Consumer Expectations around Communications, Values and PurposeSHOW LESS

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